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Ipod’s crap sound – Wadia the solution?

March 8, 2009

I love my ipod for so many reasons, its 80g of sanity that helps me cope with most days. I couldn’t even contemplate the commute into work each day without it. Yet this all this still doesn’t erase the fact the ipod sound is total rubbish.
It doesn’t matter what ‘lossless’ format you burn or how many hundreds of dollar you spend on headphones, the thing still sounds crap. (Strangely enough good headphones just seem too highlight the fact more.)

I believe there maybe a solution..the Wadid 170 iTransport
It basically a transport unit that will let you bypass ipods unbelievably poor DAC. As long as you have a better DAC available with a digital input, you’re on your way.

Wadia Website 170i page
– surprisingly unhelpful

The best look at the business end

The What HiFi Review

All this sounds pretty good until you factor in the price. The unit starts at $700 AUD. I guess I will waiting a while longer before I hear a better sound from my ipod.