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VCAT Hearing results

December 10, 2008

After an long and difficult hearing lasting several hours, in which 2 totally different accounts of what happened were presented, VCAT have handed down a binding decision. This has awarded me a refund of $2,000.

$800 was taken off the total due to “use” of the gear , Trevor Lees Audio attempts to resolve the matter (shown by the replacement units.) as well as taking into account his “out pocket” amount for providing the refund.  This decision is now a matter of public record, I will update the blog once all the details have come through.  I will also edit the blog of some content.

I am happy with the decision and that this contracted and painful process is over. I am disappointed with the length of time to resolution and the “lack” of protection afforded to consumers in this situation. I intend to make submission over this law, as I believe that the consumer should have greater protection and a final “right to refund”