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Decibel Hifi – great dealers

June 13, 2010

It been a pleasure to discover another great audio dealer, Decibel Hifi ( way up in brizvegas.

I was in the market for a new phono amp and cartridge, Brian was helpful, knowledgeable and very quick on the emails. Answering pretty much every inane question I had within the hour.

I managed to pick up an great little Graham Slee, 2nd hand from his website at a great price. Then I connected it up and something didnt sound right, oh no I thought here we go again. I contacted Brian and he was straight away on too it. “Send it back for testing, I will replace it straight away”. What a gem, no hassles just excellent customer service. How good is that?

anyway, It turned out the amp was fine, it was the turntable. (just as Brian suggested) there were broken cables in the arm (thanks ebay..)

So I have been going back and forth with him, causing endless amounts of hassle for a couple of hundred bucks 2nd hand sale and Brian cant do enough to help me out, you gotta love this guy.

If your in the market for turntable stuff, I highly recommend these guys. sure you can find cheaper deals, but the service and support are well worth it.