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White Van Speaker Scam – has returned

February 24, 2009

The white van speaker scam, famous the world over, after a short tour of NSW is now doing the rounds in Victoria. ( Note The 2 Victoria companies listed as connected to the distribution side of the scam. ) But the scam has now been updated to include websites – “Denmark Audio” , “Symphony Orchestra

It even made the Age website

It seems like common sense, but each time someone falls for it. I mean, who buys anything from guys out of a van at the lights? let alone a grand worth of speakers?

There is a scam site trying to track these guys, which is a great idea. but it will be an uphill battle to get anything back.

It would seem like the same people have been up to the same thing for years and years. Yes, people are pretty stupid sometimes, but the law really should provide more protection for the consumer.

Unfortunately some of the brands have started to turn up on ebay “Denmark Audio” & “Icon-media lab”, I hope nobody else gets burnt.