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“Audiophile” products or rip-off’s ?

January 15, 2009

I love stereo, the look, the sound, the feel the works. But underneath all of that there is a general unease about being ripped off. I mean do $300 cables really make that much difference?

Not so long ago, in a well known Melbourne store, I had a guy trying to sell me an “audiophile level power cable”. It was involved sale pitch about how many people he had sold too and what an amazing difference this cable made. As he said “…you wouldn’t believe how many people tell me what a difference it makes…” . The kicker being, “…because, sound its really important, you know…”. Needless to say, I didn’t buy the power cord, rather I took the in box. But it got me thinking about “audiophile” products.

This is a website that lists the worst of this sort of rip-off. It makes for some great reading and really shows what people will believe when they want too.