Steve / Eastwood hifi = Good Dealers

This blog isn’t just about getting shafted by “Trevor Lees Audio”, it about the good guys as well. For me, Steve at Eastwood hifi is one of those guys. 

He runs a excellent web-site with some amazing specials,

The “gossip” page in itself is worth the a regular look. but the deal is, he’s honest. I actually asked him about the Audiolab 8000 gear and he talked me out of the sale. I look back on it it now and pretty much everything he said came true. I wish I had paid attention to him. He also talked me out of another sale, sighting poor value for money and build issues. thank god I listened to him that time. Once again, he was good to his words. 

I have actually brought gear from him, 840C, after the Audiolab CDE broke again. Its was a great price, ordered at 3pm, arrived first thing the next day. Sound wise, put the CDE to shame. 

This is the guy I should have brought the my stereo from. hindsight is a great thing.


5 Responses to “Steve / Eastwood hifi = Good Dealers”

  1. sam alma Says:


    very insightful webpage thanks for the heads up on Trevor Lees.

    I am searching high and low for someone to check/diagnose 2 faulty amps I have with a view to repair.

    Can you or anyone recommend a reputable amplifier/hifi repairer?



  2. scottjnrwah Says:

    sorry about the time to reply, life is a busy thing.
    repair? – sorry mate, I have no idea. Trying asking somewhere like Carlton Audio who they would recommend. although I suspect unless its a top end unit, you maybe better just checking out the specials about. it might be easier
    Cheers for the feedback

  3. tim Says:

    there is a lot of dodgy hifi sellers and trevor lees would be right up there carlton av is an excellent store a lot of hifi shops bag one another re productsthey have arethe best competitors products are rubbish etc just remember trust your own ears and judgement ps alot of the so called killer gear or mods aremade insomeones garage would you take ahi quality car to some dudes back yard to fix thanx for your time TIM pps there is a good fixer in ormond rd elwood GEORGE IS HIS NAME 95318452

  4. scottjnrwah Says:

    Thanks Tim, I agree about Carlton AV, but I wish they would get a bigger space. those crazy little rooms, usually packed with punters make it hard. but like you say, they’re good boys.
    Cheers, Scott

  5. BigFella Says:

    You are right Tim; I think peaple do lots of things to sell there products. And this applies to many hifi retailers in Australia. I have noticed retailers would ramble about their own “experiences” to sell overstocked items they buy for nothing from wholesalers. Or even advertise inflated RRP’s and their “red hot pricing” to sell.

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