Consumer Affairs Victoria – Caveat emptor

On the 31/05/08, after being told the Store, that “..if you want you money back, your going to have to go to small claims..” I entered an online complaint with Consumer Affairs – Victoria. I had the expectation, this would solve the issue or at least progress into the next step. I was wrong on both counts.


Unfortunately all they could do was facilitate and negotiate and as it turned out, enforce nothing. Based on my experience to date I had little hope. The results were un-surprising and disappointing.


Consumer Affairs Victoria  – Dispute Resolution Branch          


“….According to ………., there is nothing wrong with your equipment.

He said that the most recent problem was a blown fuse which has been

replaced.     He claims that because there is nothing wrong, then he cannot

see why he should give you a refund although he will consider replacing

items to keep you happy….”


Blown Fuses would account for the dead power amps, although why this would be happening in 2 brand new, to use the sales pitch “top quality” units isn’t explained. No reason was provided for the popping amps, dead cd player or the replacement players load issues. It not just the unit I purchased, but each one he replaced also broke.


With the Store refusing to budge on the issue, for Consumer Affairs was case closed. In effect they are people who can ask, but do very little. In Effect they simply confirmed the fact, that as a consumer dealing with a dodgey agent, you actually have very little in the way of protection or rights in the matter. So much is left up to the agent’s discretion, especial over disputes the consumer is really just left hanging.


The Next step to VCAT took months, a couple of applications and chasing on the phone. Its like they don’t want to help you.


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