Just say no, to Trevor Lees…

This is a warning to anyone contemplating purchasing goods from Trevor Lees Audio in Kew, Melbourne. Based on my experience, I cannot recommend strongly enough against doing this.

I am currently attempting to recover $2800, after being sold new goods by Trevor Lees Audio which broke within 2months of purchase. After numerous returns I requested a refund, to which was informed I would “…have to go to small claims court if I ever wanted too see my money..”.

Had I known what know now, I would have avoided Trevor Lees Audio like the plague.

Read the full account of my dealing with Trevor Lees.


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5 Responses to “Just say no, to Trevor Lees…”

  1. TC1982 Says:

    Mate, just so you are aware, a retailer is not responsible for faulty goods outside of what is called a “DOA” period. If something is faulty within the DOA period (generally the first 7 -14 days) it gets swapped over at the store, however outside of that it is something that needs to be taken up with the manufacturer as it is then covered by their warranty. If he were to take the product back without the manufacturers consent then it would be him losing $2800. My advise, contact the manufacturer direct and make a warranty claim.

    ?… called a “DOA” period
    This is the first time I have heard this bit. but it doesn’t surprise me. Consumer law is so murky that anything could be out there.
    ?..retailer is not responsible
    I can only encourage people to make a submission to their local member of parliament to get consumer law change. Consumers deserve better protection from dodgy retailers.
    ?…My advise
    There are lots of things I should have done which would have produced a better result. Number 1 on the list would be avoiding Trevor Lees Audio.

  2. 1234 Says:

    after reading what was originally posted about faulty equipment or whatnot, i thought i should say, that my dad bought his speakers from trevor lee’s audio a good 25 years ago, and his speakers and amp, have only just started having problems with them, due to being played too loud too many times at parties. i think a 25 year life for speakers, which have had the crap blasted out of them, is a pretty long life, don’t you reckon?

  3. scottjnrwah Says:

    Mate, oh how I wish I had the same experience as your father.

  4. tross Says:

    wow, just wow.

    Given the advice you have received – I hope you have now know what a warranty is, who provides it and who honors it.

    Most stores won’t take back goods and swap them months after purchase without an RA number (return authority)…yet that is what you got – above and beyond what they are required to do as retail agents.

    Btw, I had more trouble getting a $99 logitech keyboard replaced from another shop – and that was actually DOA (eg from DAY 1). I was just as angry as you but it was a lot easier to educate myself on the process of executing warranty claims then to waste my time (despite complaining that I don’t like it wasted) spouting my mouth and making myself look like a fool. A bit of communication goes a long way!


  5. scottjnrwah Says:

    Read the blog, its about getting the word out there about this whole process so people dont repeat my mistakes.

    Like you say communication goes a long way.

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